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Of course, we are not able to do everything, but in some services we are particularly efficient and can prove that we have been successful.
In questions regarding strategy we assist our clients by, for example

  • Analyzing markets
  • Orienting sales channels to markets
  • Defining core competencies
  • Restructuring product and service portfolios
  • Preparing partnerships
  • Analyzing the prospect of acquisitions (technical due diligence)
  • Validating location decisions in Germany and Italy
  • Structuring spin-offs
  • Validating the prospects of  technologies and projects
  • Elaborating business plans
  • Head hunting in Germany and Italy

Regarding operative tasks we offer technical and personal assistance by, for example

  • Implementing strategic concepts
  • Reducing costs of products and services along the entire added-value chain
  • Accompanying and moderating cooperation projects
  • Assisting foreign  companies in their projects in Italy (raising or restructuring a subsidiary, increasing the eficiency of sales organisation and production,
    searching human resources, interim management)
  • Assisting foreign companies in their projects in Germany (see items in Italy)
  • Interim Management


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