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Intercultural Workshop Italy

SQUADRA CONSULT held an intercultural training for the management team of a German company in order to understand better the differences of business culture between Germany and Italy. During the workshop have been discussed several subjects which from the point of view of the participants had created some ineffectiveness in the collaboration with the colleagues of an Italian affiliated company. Finally have been developed convenient methods to improve the teamwork.

Search of German sales representatives for an Italian company of the metalworking / automation industry

SQUADRA CONSULT gives support to an Italian company of the metalworking / automation industry in searching sales representatives in Germany. The support consists of the research, first judgement and preselection, visits together with the customer, final selection and contract design.

Search of sales director Italy for a German company of the valve industry

SQUADRA CONSULT concluded successfully the search of the sales director of the Italian subsidiary of a German producer of industrial valves.

Interim Management of the Benelux Subsidiary of the German Market Leader of systems for doors and windows

Wolfgang M. Voigt from SQUADRA CONSULT has successfully managed temporarily the Benelux subsidiary of the German market leader of systems for doors and windows.

4.0-Strategy per automation engineering companies

SQUADRA CONSULT gives support to companies, which belong to the automation branch regarding the development of the right strategy for “Industry 4.0”. SQUADRA CONSULT organizes therefor also company-internal workshops (preparation, moderation, documentation). The results are for every company the most important fields of activity regarding strategy, business models and products. All that items are integrated into a realization road map.

Positioning an Italian company in the German market

SQUADRA CONSULT gave comprehensive support to a metal working Italian company for the entrance into the Garman market. The most important elements of the project have been:

• Analysing the situation of competition
• Develop the right strategy and positioning
• Search of the sales manager
• Administrative support for the formation of the subsidiary (e. g. employment contract, accountant, registration of business, bank, leasing contracts)
• Supervision of ramp up

Search of distributors for South Italy

SQUADRA CONSULT searched and selected distributors for South Italy for a German company which takes part of he automation branch.

Italian Engineers for the German Industry

Squadra Consult launched together with German and Italian institutions and the Italian partner Fischer & Merryl in Milan an initiative to meet the German lack of technically skilled employees. In Italy there are well qualified engineers with an respectable professional experience, but due to the difficult economic situation they don’t find appropriate alternatives in their country. Although Italian people normally are very related to their home and family, the preparedness for moving abroad, especially to Germany, is considerably growing.

Industrial projects, in particular in the automotive industry, are becoming more and more international, for which reason it is a big advantage for German companies to recruit candidates who have an international orientation. In addition, SQUADRA CONSULT in many years of German-Italian activities has gained the experience, that the combination of German method with Italian creativity often brings excellent results.

So the initiative creates advantages for both sides: The German industry discovers qualified engineers and Italian engineers find new prospects for their career.

SQUADRA CONSULT has already available more than 100 Italian qualified engineers and a dense network in the German industry and is able to identify the appropriate counterpart for both German companies searching technically skilled employees and Italian engineers interested in new challenges in Germany.

Increase the efficiency of an Italian plant

SQUADRA CONSULT developed a map of measures to increase the efficiency of the Italian plant of a plastic-processing company.

Interim Management for an aluminium-processing company

Wolfgang M. Voigt, owner of SQUADRA CONSULT, managed an aluminium-processing company with an annual turnover of approximately 50 millions of Euro. He launched successfully a restructuring concept which was approved with shareholders and banks, reduced a considerable part oft he staff and sold a business unit.

Moderation of strategy meeting of an Italian equipment manufacturer

SQUADRA CONSULT prepared and moderated the strategy meeting of the board of an Italian equipment manufacturer.

Business Process Analysis For Italian Subsidiaries

SQUADRA CONSULT offers an integrated Business Process Analysis for Italian subsidiaries in order to give to the management more transparency regarding weaknesses and risks. The Business Process Analysis identifies the potentials of optimization and develops measures to eliminate the weak points and to minimize the risks. The main processes and there supporting IT-systems are investigated regarding their functionality, profitability, compliance, security and effectiveness of the internal control system. The result is a very effective instrument for general and risk management. The Business Process Analysis is effected by German consultants, which have perennial management, project and audit experience in Italy.

Market Research Automation in Italy

SQUADRA CONSULT analyzed the Italian market for a leading German manufacturer of automation and security modules. Information regarding product requirements, competition and market development have been collected, and the opportunities and threads for the client have been quantified and qualitatively evaluated.

Head Hunting Area Sales Manager in Italy

SQUADRA CONSULT concluded successfully the assignment for searching an area sales manager for a northern region of Italy. The employer takes part of the machinery building industry.

Interim Management in Italy

Wolfgang M. Voigt, owner of SQUADRA CONSULT, was from July 2010 until October 2011 CEO ad interim of the Italian subsidiary of a leading, worldwide active German producer of safety and automation technology. The company with its sales organisation is present throughout Italy.

Photovoltaics: Strategy audit for the Italian subsidiary

SQUADRA CONSULT analyzed the market position of the Italian subsidiary company of a German photovoltaic company and suggested a change of strategy and positioning. The focus of repositioning is situated in the fields of the service range and the network of strategic partners.

Search for investors for photovoltaic projects in Italy

SQUADRA CONSULT has the assignment from a successful project and operating company of solar parks to search for investors for already approved projects in Italy. The capacity of the parks to be realized ranges between 1 and 10 MWp.

Head Hunting for German companies in Italy and Italian companies in Germany

SQUADRA CONSULT now provides on the suggestion of some clients direct search for Italian subsidiaries of German companies as well as for German subsidiaries of Italian companies.
Therefore we established a cooperation with a renowned research company, which identifies and contacts the candidates and transmits there profiles to us. The interviews with the candidates are conducted by SQUADRA CONSULT. On the basis of our profound experience in German Italian business we are able to judge if a candidate probably will successfully handle the two different business cultures.

Some assignments have already been placed.

SQUADRA CONSULT gives support to an international Management Consulting Company re-garding business process improvement including realization for an important manufacturer of car seats

SQUADRA CONSULT improved in cooperation with an international Management Consulting Com-pany the business processes of the plant in Poland of an important manufacturer of car seats.
The savings were a multiple of the project fee.

Key Factors of Success of a German Manager in Italy

In the edition July / August 2008 of the magazine PERSONAL (publisher group Handelsblatt) has been published by Wolfgang M. Voigt the paper Erfolg in bella Italia.pdf about the basis of success of a German manager or interim manager in Italy.
The many years of professional experience in Italy which Mr. Voigt is summarizing is essential for every company or manager carrying on a business in Italy.

Business Process Analysis and Sales Strategy for a European Subsidiary Company of a Leading German Manufacturer of Accessories for Windows and Doors and of Automatic Door Systems

SQUADRA CONSULT subjected a European subsidiary of a well known German company to an analysis of its business processes and developed thereafter together with the company the sales strategy for the next years

Critical Analysis and Interim Management of the Italian Subsidiary Company of a Leading German Supplier in the Area of Windows and Doors by SQUADRA CONSULT

SQUADRA CONSULT puts the Italian distribution company of a well known German supplier of products in the area of driving windows and doors and of complete automatic doors to the acid test. Doing at the same time the interim CEO by Wolfgang M. Voigt, measures can, in accordance with the headquarters, immediately be realized.

SQUADRA CONSULT gives support to an international Management Consulting Company regarding projects in Italy and Portugal for a German automotive supplier

SQUADRA CONSULT gave support to an international Management Consulting Company in an assignment at a large German automotive supplier. Subject was the identification of saving potentials in production and value stream for some strategic projects, which had a high share in Italy and Portugal.

SQUADRA CONSULT Is Enlarging Its Cooperation Network

Besides the company s.team, specialized in knowledge and r&d management and with which SQUADRA CONSULT has already been cooperating for over 10 years, also the TIM Concept GmbH joined the cooperation network of SQUADRA CONSULT. TIM Concept is specialized in CIP projects (continuous improvement process) in the production and administration area. In addition, TIM Concept is supplementing the competence of SQUADRA CONSULT for German-Italian projects.

Interim Management of the Italian Subsidiary of a Major German Brand in the Fashion and Leather Accessories Sector

For one year, Mr. Wolfgang M. Voigt of SQUADRA CONSULT managed the Italian subsidiary of a well known German brand in the fashion and leather accessories sector and implemented a successful realignment.

Project Management Reorganization

SQUADRA CONSULT has got the assignment for the project management of the reorganization of the processes of product development and production control between a German mother company and its Italian subsidiary.

Optimization of the supply basis in Italy

SQUADRA CONSULT is assisting a German company for branded articles in the optimization of the supply basis in Italy.

Conception and implementation of a supplier and sales organisation in Italy

SQUADRA CONSULT is assisting a German industrial group in the conception and implementation of a supplier and sales organisation in Italy for an innovative material for ship- and house-building (interior equipment).

eGovernment - Rapid and precise information for the citizens

SQUADRA CONSULT is assisting the Government of a German Bundesland in the organisation, the selection of systems and the realization of a service office for the citizens. All current communication media and all types of questions regarding the Government are to be considered in the implemented functions. The project sets the conditions for a service oriented information of the citizens and for a individual, rapid and precise answering their questions and sorrow.

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